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  • This lovely little Soizick tea bag holder will complete perfectly your Soizick® elegant tea ware. Add the small magical touch to your tea set.  Classical Collection, Aladdin or Heart design Small price for this lovely fine hand-painted Limoges porcelain item.

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  • Lovely, elegant and extravagant Sculpted Heart Sugar Bowl; completes the Sculpted Heart Teaware Exclusive collection by Soizick France. Designed by Soizick artists, and created in collaboration with ceramicist. Each piece is hand painted, signed by the artist, and decorated with Swarovski elements. Sculpted Heart Sugar Bowl  -  Dim H 11 cm

    £ 66.00
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  • This tea for one teapot in fine french Limoges Porcelain is hand-painted with vibrant palet of coulours, featuring Soizick designs. Each piece is unique and signed by the artist. Tea for one by Soizick. Dim 12 cm

    £ 97.50
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  • This Soizick Black & Gold Diamond Medina coffee pot sets a perfect 1001 nights atmosphere, and wears an arabian glow your guests will never forget. It is hand-painted in a unique black or gold paint and delicately decorated with small and larger Swarovski crystals. Each piece is signed by the Soizick's artists. Painted in our Soizick's Art Workshop....

    £ 132.00
  • Exquisite Soizick® Heart Charger Plate featuring well renowned Soizick heart or Aladdin designs. Fine Limoges porcelain, hand painted by our artists, wonderful colours beautifying your dinner table. Each piece is unique, and signed by the Soizick artist. Dim Ø 32 cm  

    £ 55.50
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  • Delightful small Soizick Folies Make Up featuring Soizick registered Heart Flowers embossed designs. Soizick Folies® Large Make-up Bag in microfibre, and gel relief Soizick patterns Dim 20 x 13 cm

    £ 6.00
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  • Elegant and functional, the small Soizick Heart Candle brings warmth and light into any corner of the home. Limoges Porcelain, hand-painted with vibrant palette of colours, signed by the Soizick artist Dim 8 cm

    £ 21.00
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  • Colourful kitchen apron from Soizick Folies featuring Splash modern and colourful design. 100% cotton

    £ 10.50
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  • Planning a trip by the turquoise Indian Ocean ? Look stunning and feminine on the beaches with this Splash Turquoise Printed beach towel, by Soizick Folies. This beautiful turquoise beach towel will perfectly match the sea colour ! 100% cotton printed terrycloth, 600 g/m2 Dim 90 x 180 cm

    £ 43.20
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  • Elegant and functional, this large Soizick Heart Candle brings warmth and light into any corner of the home. Limoges Porcelain, hand-painted with vibrant palette of colours, signed by the Soizick artist Dim 12 cm

    £ 25.50
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  • Offer perfection and a touch of class with these six delightful Sculpted Heart Spoons by Soizick. Your tea or coffee party will never be the same ! Exclusive design by Soizick, fine Limoges Porcelain, hand-painted crystallized with Swarovski® elements. Dim 10 cm - 6 spoons included - same colours

    £ 36.00
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  • Here is a set of two delicate Bohemia Crystal Fruits cups, nicely hand-painted, By Soizick France; individually signed by the artist. Crystal Fruit Cup - H 11,5 cm Set of 2 cups

    £ 90.60
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  • The Soizick Folies offers a whole accessories collection, inspired by Soizick Haute Couture design. Here the Soizick Hearts are blooming like petals ... This colourful Heart Flowers by Soizick Folies brush comes with its own protective case and will accompany you everywhere, and why not on the beach to complete your Soizick Folies Beach Towel and bag.

    £ 8.40
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  • Little, cute, Bag Mirror by Soizick Folies, you will litterally take with you all the time. Bright color, Soizick Folies Splash designs.

    £ 12.00
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    Offers a nice selection of French Soizick Products


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Alice Art Import & Services

French and Italian elegant dinnerware and home decorations

Alice Art Import & Services specialises in French and Italian dinnerware and home decorations. We offer in particular a nice selection of Soizick hand-painted porcelain products.

Welcome to hand decorated world of porcelain dinnerware and home decoration

Hand-painted porcelain dinnerware, hand decorated with Swarovski Crystals

Welcome to hand decorated world of porcelain dinnerware and home decoration

Your best partner for vibrant elegant tables and home decoration

Alice Art Import online shop specialises in hand-painted porcelain dinnerware and home decoration, including French Soizick porcelain.

We are delighted to offer you the most beautiful pieces from the French Soizick porcelain collections, such as Classical Hearts and Aladdin, but also the striking Diamond Black or Gold Collection delicately hand decorated with Swarovski crystals, or the very trendy Heart to Heart and Bright heart collections.

From Tableware, tea and coffee ware, to home decoration, furnitures and small decoration such as figurines, Soizick reveals its high-end pieces decorated with Swarovski crystals as well as its reknown embossed golden line which made its reputation when the brand was launched.

Alice Art Import, with its thoughtful selection, helps you beautify your tables and we definitely are your partner of your home decoration.

About Soizick France

Soizick’s haute couture baroque style creations evoke the French Riviera refinement and lifestyle. You are captivated by the eye-catching vibrant palette of colors, audaciously juxtaposed, suggesting endless color combinations. Brush stroked colors are laid by hand with great agility. They include refined registered motifs such as hearts, Aladdin, spirals, checkers, flowers and others.

To magnify the decor of the white fine Limoges porcelain and the Bohemia crystal, a final enameling stage perfectly brings light to the drawings, conferring the right glow before the artist’s signature. Each piece is unique, some are crystallised with Swarovski elements.